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Why Portfolio Property Management?

 At Portfolio Real Estate, we go a step further in property management. We understand different kinds of real estate investment and what they mean to your real estate portfolio. We can advise regarding acquisition or liquidations based on considerations like local economic and market trends, rates and types of returns for acquisition cost and likely tax impact of your real estate investment when buying, selling or leasing, according to your individual plans.


The property management personnel at Portfolio Real Estate are real estate investment experts. We're personally involved in the markets we represent with personally owned investment properties. We understand first hand what it feels like to be in your position and we believe that it is an important part of what makes us better at our service.


What makes Portfolio Real Estate your best choice for property management?


We invest in infrastructure. It makes your records more accessible to you at all times with an online owner portal. The portal allows tenants the ability to apply for a vacancy, request maintenance or pay online with multiple payment options. Better software also makes our work easier and more precise. 

We believe that a commitment to periodic maintenance inspections is the best way to minimize liability and keep little maintenance items from becoming bigger, more expensive issues. Our staff periodically inspects rental properties for maintenance issues so that tenants and owners experience positive tenancy.

Our management professionals are experienced investment real estate experts. We understand the real estate market from many perspectives and can provide guidance from identification of investment opportunities to inspection, closing and tenancy. We work closely with licensed contractors, inspectors, lenders and other service providers to help you maximize peace of mind and profitability.

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